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The Jamboree is pleased to host workshops on various aspects of music making. Performing musicians will generously share their skills in an informal setting at 10am on Saturday morning. Workshops are included in the ticket price and open to everyone!

Workshop Schedule

Area 1 - The Cauldron Shack (aka Kidsville)

10am — Flatfoot Dancing
Percussive, old-time music dance with Matt Gordon
11am — Hambone
Poor man's drum kit - Body percussion with Matt Gordon

Area 2 - The BBQ Shack

10am — Old-time fiddle tunes
With Ruth Unger
11am — Old-time singing
With Laurel Bliss

Area 3 - The Mural Booth

10am — Horns in a stringband?
Sit with Bellingham's most desired sidemen and learn to play a song you don't know with Thomas Deakin, Mars Lindgren, and Joel Ricci
11am — 5-String Banjo
With Mike Marker

Area 4 - The Log Show Storage Shack (in the Subdued Camping area)

10am — Harmonica
Old-time, new-time, not too much of the time, with Cherry Blossoms' Casey Wykes
11am — Songwriting
Original songs in an ancient idiom, with Mike Merenda and Jordan "Yogoman" Rain

Area 5 - Behind the Canteen (in the Subdued Camping Area)

10am — Resonator Guitar, aka Dobro
With the Shadies' Andy Rick and Mike Grigioni
11am — Country Blues Guitar from a Master
With Steve James

Times and instructors subject to change, so please check back!

Slow Jam

AND!!! Slow Jam Saturday morning from 10am-noon at Camp Geezer (located somewhere behind the restrooms near the trees). Are you new to jamming? New to your instrument? Not sure if you should jump in? You Should! This is the place. EVERYONE WELCOME!!!!

Subdued Stringband Jamboree