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Car: $20 for the weekend (you can have as many people in your car as you can fit!)

RV: $30 for the weekend

Thursday Night

Car: $10, RV: $15

Cyclists, Bikers, and Hitch-Hikers camp for free!

To limit traffic in the campground, we no longer offer Thursday-only, Friday-only, or Thursday/Friday-only drive in car camping. The only cars allowed into the campground are cars paying through Saturday night. Walk in camping is welcome for any night. The fee is the same, $10/night per car load. The parking lot is very near the campground and you’re welcome to drop your gear near the gate while you park.

Camping is available Wednesday and Thursday before the Jamboree. The camping fees for these nights are $10/car or $15/RV. Anyone camping on these nights is required to buy a weekend pass for the Jamboree.

The Festival will keep 20 spots available for RVs until 6pm on Friday. At that point, campers will be allowed in those spots.

For those coming with an RV, please see the RV Reservations section below!

Some spots are suitable for RVs or Campers. Campers in these spots will be charged the RV Rate and have use of the power/water hookups. Note that the weekend price does not include Thursday night.

The site is a big meadow near the stage, with limited car camping spots along the fence. There are housed restroom facilities with sinks, and plenty of water spigots.

Camping fees are payable on site; there are no advance sales for camping passes.

The Seriously Subdued Campground

For those who need a break from the jam session when it's time to sleep, we have a 'low volume' camping area.


If you don't want to camp, or if you'd like to be in the Bellingham area longer, check out Mt. Baker Lodging or the Tree Frog Night Inn. We're proud to be sponsored by Mt. Baker Lodging, offering a variety of cabins, condos, and chalets just 15-20 minutes up the road (toward beautiful Mt. Baker!) from the festival.

RV Reservations

Along the back fence there are 17 slots available for reservation. These spots have power and water hookups. The Reservation may be made for Thursday, Friday and Saturday only. The total weekend cost is $45. Reservations must be prepaid and are non-refundable.

To reserve please e-mail your name and how many spots you would like to reserve to RV@stringbandjamboree.com, then make a payment via check or paypal.

Payments must be received by Monday, August 6th!

Mail checks made out to Subdued Stringband Jamboree to:

Subdued Stringband Jamboree
attn: RV reservations
P.O Box 3154
Bellingham, WA
Paypal fees can be paid to booking@sameroomrecords.com

Unreserved RV spots along the back fence will be held for RV's until 6pm on Friday. After 6pm Friday tent campers will be welcome to use the RV spaces.

All other camping/RV spots are first come, first served. All RV's (dry camping or using hookups) will be charged RV rate.

Subdued Stringband Jamboree