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Driving Directions

From Bellingham, Seattle, or Vancouver BC

Take I-5 to exit 255 Sunset Drive/WA-542 and head east. Go about 10 miles and turn left at Cedarville Road, which is located just before the big bridge over the Nooksack River at Nugents Corner. Go about 1 mile and look for the Jamboree entrance on your left at the fairgrounds. It's about 20 minutes from Bellingham, one hour from Vancouver, and two hours from Seattle.

From the Aldergrove crossing in Lynden

Follow the Guide Meridian/WA-539 south for 7.5 miles. Turn left/east at E. Pole Road/WA-544 and go 5 miles. Turn right/south at Everson-Goshen Road. Turn left/east at E. Hemmi Road and go 1 mile. Take a slight right at Fazon Rd. Take a slight left at Goshen Road, which becomes Cedarville Road. Look for the Jamboree entrance on your right at the fairgrounds.

From the Sumas crossing in Sumas

Follow Cherry Street/Route 9 south for 13.7 miles to Mt. Baker Hwy/WA-542. Turn right, cross the bridge and turn immediately right onto Cedarville Road. Go about 1 mile and look for the Jamboree entrance on your left at the fairgrounds.

Cycling Directions

For a Subdued Pedal to the Jamboree, consider this low-traffic route.

Subdued Stringband Jamboree

Bus Directions

WTA's route 72X Kendall (Foothills Express) will take you from Downtown Bellingham to Nugents Corner, only a mile and a half from the Logging Show Fairgrounds.

Please note that the WTA 72X route does not run on Sunday, so please plan your return trip accordingly.

Subdued Shuttle

This year, the Jamboree is excited to provide the Subdued Shuttle! The shuttle will meet WTA 72X riders in Nugents Corner to take them to the Jamboree. In addition, the Subdued Shuttle will transport campers from the Jamboree to Bellingham on Sunday. Please consult the schedules below for details.


Departs Bellingham Arrives Nugents Corner/
Meets Subdued Shuttle
Thu. 4:10pm 4:43pm
Thu. 5:45pm 6:12pm
Fri. 10:55am 11:22am
Fri. 1:40pm 1:52pm
Fri. 4:10pm 4:43pm
Fri. 5:45pm 6:12pm
Sat. 11:55am 12:22pm
Sat. 5:40pm 6:07pm

Subdued Shuttle

On Sunday, the Subdued Shuttle leaves the Jamboree for Bellingham at 12 Noon. Please check in at Subdued Central!

Subdued Stringband Jamboree