Music Line-Up

Note: All times are approximate and subject to change.
Sets on the Slanted Stage occur between sets on the Flat Stage, to keep the music going all day.

Thursday, August 11

Time Flat Stage Slanted Stage
9:30pm Lache Cercel & The Roma Swing Ensemble
Willie Reavis & His Weary Boys
8:30pm The Crying Shame
Willie Reavis & His Weary Boys
7pm Yogoman
Willie Reavis & His Weary Boys
6pm Square Dance with caller Charmaine Slaven
5pm Robt Sarazin Blake & The Happy Hour Band

Midnight Serenade Tent: Sierra Ferrell & Devin Champlin

The Slanted Cabaret: Stephanie Nilles

Friday, August 12

Time Flat Stage Slanted Stage
10pm Petunia & The Vipers
8:45pm Hamell on Trial
Stephen Nikleva Band
7:30pm Sierra Ferrell
Stephen Nikleva Band
6:30pm Lone Piñon
Square Dance with Conway West & caller Kelsey Nelsen
4:45pm Pete Irving & The Best Intentions
The Free Range Reveleers
3:30pm Peadar MacMahon & Friends
The Free Range Reveleers
2:30pm Grace Love
2pm Squirrel Butter
1:20pm Meghan Yates
12:40pm Kia Cavallaro
Noon Stone Jones & The Stage Crew Band

Midnight Serenade Tent: Sarah Goodin, Kia Cavallero, and Harper Stone & The Cauldron of Plenty

Slanted Cabaret: The Jacob Jolliff Trio & Jefferson Hamer

Saturday, August 13

Time Flat Stage Slanted Stage
11pm All-Star Jamboree
10pm The Crow Quill Night Owls
Lone Piñon
9pm The Dusty 45's
Lone Piñon
7:45pm Three for Silver
Band Scramble
6:30pm Square Dance with The Happy Valley Sluggers & Gabe Strand
The Sweet Goodbyes
5:15pm The Jacob Jolliff Trio
The Sweet Goodbyes
4:15pm Louis Ledford & His Little Shots
Marcel & Nakos
3pm Stephanie Niles
Marcel & Nakos
2pm Robt Sarazin Blake
The Scarlet Locomotive
1pm Puirt Na Gael
The Scarlet Locomotive
Noon Songwriter in the Round: Jefferson Hamer, Sarah Goodin
10:45am The Bellingham Circus Guild
10am Peter Blake & Mountain Thyme
9am Robert T. McDonald III

Midnight Serenade Tent: Meghan Yates, Jefferson Hamer, & Strangely

Slanted Cabaret: Waltz-A-Thon

Sunday, August 14

Gospel Sing-Song with Meghan Yates, Louis Ledford, & Grace Love

Subdued Stringband Jamboree