Jamboree Workshops

Area 1
Area 2
Water Shack
Area 3
Serenade Tent
Area 4
Staff Canteen
Area 5
Subdued Camp
Fri. 10am Clogging with Charmaine Old Time and Bluegrass Guitar: Rhythm & Runs with John Daughtry Beginning Accordion with Strangely Open Your Voice with Meghan Yates New Orleans Transplants with Stephanie Nilles, Kia Cavallero, & Sierra Ferrell
Fri. 11am Old-School Dances of New Mexico with Lone Piñon Banjo Styles with Kia Cavallaro, Charlie Beck, & Banjo Youngblood Slow Jam with Jim & Nancy Yodelling with Petunia Songs with Sarah Goodin, Devin Champlin, & Melissa Kassab
Sat. 10am Beginning Irish Step Dance with Norah Beginning Mandolin: Rhythm and Double Stops with John Daughtry Rhythm Bones with Lucas Warford Songs of 1916 Easter Rising with Peadar McMahon Songs with Jefferson Hamer, Sierra Ferrell, & Meghan Yates
Sat. 11am Beginning Waltz with Jeff Lefferts The Bass-ics with Mickey Stylin (upright bass), Noah Martinez (Lone Piñon-Guitarron), & Lucas Warford (Three for Silver-Homemade Bass) Washboard Kitchen Music with Harper Songs with Louis Ledford & Stephanie Nilles
Subdued Stringband Jamboree