Absolutely NO dogs! We love dogs just like you do, but we gotta say nay to the canine-coming-with. And if you accidentally show up with yours, we'll direct you to the loving care of one of these nearby kennels:

  • Doggie Day Care Center - 5028 Hannegan Rd. / 360-398-9880
    These folks take your dog into their home and call him/her family. Never unsupervised, the dogs have 4 acres to run and play on.
  • R&R Kennels - 1861 Mt. Baker Hwy. / 360-671-8445
    Very close to the festival.
  • Mountain Veterinary Hospital - 3413 Mt Baker Hwy. / 360-592-5113
    The closest to the festival, shot records (or shots) required for boarding.
  • Hot for Dogs - 1012 E Hemmi Rd. / 360-398-0174