Covid Safety

Masking, Distancing, and Vaccines, OH MY! 

There will be many changes this year - please bear with us as we navigate the shifting phases and protocols required to make a safe Jamboree. We are using an abundance of caution to make our protocol decisions, in order to keep everybody safe and to abide by the guidelines. 

And yes - we know that the CDC guidelines and the State guidelines don’t always align… it is a confusing time.


This year with respect to all our community members and with the aim of creating a safe space for everyone onsite:  

- Staff, volunteers, and guests 12 and older will need to be fully vaccinated to attend.   

- Kids age 3-11 need to show a negative COVID test dated August 10th or after to attend.  

- Kids age 2 and under can enter without a vaccine or a negative test, but due to limited total attendance, they still need a ticket. Child tickets must be associated with an adult.   



When buying tickets guests will be required to agree to these terms:  

  • I understand that I need to be fully vaccinated.
  • I will email a photo of my vaccination card to by July 28th. I understand if I don’t email in this photo I will be refunded and my ticket will go to a buyer on the waiting list.
  • As an Adult purchaser of a Kid Weekend Pass I will bring proof of my child’s negative Covid test from Aug 10th or later to the gate. I understand that without this proof, my child will not be able to enter.
  • I agree to follow all of the Jamboree safely protocols on site and agree to be an awesome festival attendee, in keeping with the subdued spirit of Jamboree. I understand that failure to follow the rules will be grounds for removal.  

Jamboree safety protocols   

Like everything during this time… All plans are subject to change.   

We will update our Safety Plan on July 28th. If ticket holders are not comfortable with any new changes, full refunds will be available until July 30th.  

At this time:   

- Masks and distancing will not be required for vaccinated attendees.    

(All attendees 12 & up will be vaccinated)

- Outside of family camps, Age 3-11 required to wear masks in crowded areas.   

(Crowded areas include: Kidsville, the playgroud, kids viewing stage, areas near the stage and other spontaneous gatherings)

-Anyone more comfortable wearing a mask is very welcome to do so.


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