We want to make a Backyard Montage, and we need your help!

We will be making a short film of all the backyards tuned into the Tin Can Jamboree.

Film your campsite and send the video to tom@stringbandjamboree.com

You can also send still photographs. 

We welcome you to shoot videos of your own backyards jamboree and send them our way.
Please share a toast, a friendly greeting with the camp/backyard jamboree name (and sign if you have one).
Tell us what is unique about your backyard camp site. Capture your group dancing, square dancing or just enjoying the music.
If you’re a musician, capture your own after hours or pre-Jamboree jam sessions.

Please shoot in a horizontal format.

Tom Martino will edit the footage and create a video of the 2020  backyard jamboree.
If your video file is too large for email, write to Tom and he will direct you to the storage folder.







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