Friday Aug 7th  5pm-11pm 

Saturday Aug 8th Noon-11pm 

Live-Stream Concert on Facebook, Youtube, BTV and THIS website 

Radio Broadcast on KMRE 102.3 FM-LP 

After scratching our heads, staring at the wall, and contemplating a summer of watching the tomato plants grow as we become expert sourdough bakers, we decided we couldn’t accept a summer without a Jamboree. At some point we would all need some music to listen to while eating garden fresh tomatoes and home baked sourdough bread. 

This is what we’ve come up with and we hope you’ll jump in.

The Jamboree is in your backyard

We will broadcast live on KMRE 102.3fm and all over the web.

We'll have a skeleton crew filming, recording, and sending music your way.

 This year Sub Duds will be available for purchase IN ADVANCE so everyone can have their T-Shirts, Hoodies, & Bandanas for Jamboree Weekend. Visit SUB DUDS here

We can’t all be in the same place this year, breathing the same air, and holding hands with new friends in the square dance, but we can still gather with the ones we love and celebrate the music and creativity of the North NW.

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