Frequently Asked Questions



Do I need to pay to watch the Jamboree?

No! Just tune in an enjoy! However, The Jamboree is free to attend this year but not free to produce. . Please consider buying a 'ticket'. We will mail a ticket to your door. You can check out out Ticket Page to find the level of indevidual sponsorship that is right for you door. 


How can I tune in?

  • We will Livestream here on our site, on Facebook, and Youtube.
  • We will broadcast live on KMRE 102.3 FM in Bellingham and online anywhere.

How do I participate in the Jamboree this year?

  • Have a backyard party! Set up a tent in your yard, fire up the grill, make yourself a drink, and tune in to our Livestream here and on Facebook or our radio broadcast on KMRE 102.3 FM!
  • Decorate your yard! Collect some tin cans and make your own decor! We'll be having a camp contest, as per usual, so don't forget to take photos!
  • Please keep your parties small, don't forget to social distance!  Our bandanas make great masks.  ;)

I want to donate to the Jamboree to keep it alive, but how?

Can I share this event with my friends and family?

  • Yes please!  Share it far and wide!  We have a Facebook event for easy sharing, or spread the word by mouth, letter, carrier pigeon, or shout it from the mountaintops.
  • Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest Jamboree news.

 How can my kids participate?

  • We are working up some great activities for kids to do at home.
  • We will have coloring pages for you to print out. We would love to see your kids' drawings when they're done!
  • More info coming soon!

Merch questions

Where can I order my T-shirt?

  • Our merch page, here.

I paid for shipping, but I want to pick my stuff up … what’s the deal?  

         This is no longer possible. If it changes we will email you with details.

I want to buy merch but I don't want to do it online, can I still buy merch?

  • Yep. We're going to have a Sub Duds pop up on August 8th at 2401 Kulshan St.  We can't promise that we'll have every size and color in stock there, so it's still best to order online and pick it up there.

Will 2020 posters be for sale?

  • Yes. We added them to the Sub Duds online store and they'll be available at the pop up store on August 8th.


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