Line Up


Nick Shoulders 


Jacob Jolliff Band - Sunpie

Mr. Sam & The People People


Dean Johnson

Hot Damn Scandal

Caleb & Reeb & The Cali Cutups

Paper Wings


Full Schedule Coming Soon

Nick ShouldersSunpieThe Jacob Jolliff Band
Dean JohnsonHot Damn ScandalMr Sam & the People People
Caleb & Reeb and the Cali Cutups • Forty Drop Few • Paper Wings
Devin Champlin • Meg & the Kindred • Deakin Allday
Sweetheart of the Rodeo • Chris Acker • Three for Silver
Ledford, McLaughlin & Co. • Magenta Wave • Bellingham Circus Guild
Ivy Ficarra • Strangely • Little Obsidian & Kai-ote Jack • Karen Kunkel
Dream Frohe • Bottle of Smoke • Rosin & Reed • Yogoman Burning Band
Buddy Mac • Sarah the Songbird & the Jamboree Children's Chorus
The Subdued Circus Band • Robert Sarazin Blake • Bruce Shaw
Cascade Cody & His Unpulled Bootstraps • Happy Valley Sluggers
Dream Goats • Ladies Loe • Michael Grigoni • Schmid & Guest

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