Interested in volunteering for Jamboree this year? Yay and thanks!  

Please write to:


We do our best to cater to our volunteers' interests and availability. Priority in scheduling goes to volunteers who can work 3 or more shifts. We will start scheduling volunteers in June. 


1 shift = 1 days admittance and 1 meal in the staff canteen. 

2 shifts = Two day admittance and 2 meals in the staff canteen

3 shifts = 4 meals and a weekend pass

4 shifts = 5 meals, weekend pass, vehicle camping pass for any FreeStyle camping area. 

All volunteers are welcome to walk-in camp in any FreeStyle camping area.

Volunteers & Vaccines   

As of April 2022, we have no vaccine requirements for staff. This could change. 

Volunteer Camping 

We have shifted the site layout this year for guests to be able to reserve camping sites in The Field, and have made the "Tin Hat" area available for volunteers to camp. Volunteers are welcome to Walk-In camp in the Tin Hat. If a volunteer wishes to bring their car into the campground they can do so if they buy an 'Extra Car Pass' at the gate. There is a limited amount of room for trailers and RV's in the Tin Hat. Volunteers can write to subduedvolunteers@gmail.com to make arrangements for a trailer or RV. 

We ask that the “Seriously Subdued” guidelines continue to apply in the Tin Hat. (You are welcome to reserve a camping site in the Field if you plan to be More Than Subdued...) 

Volunteers are welcome to camp with their family, but camps in the Tin Hat area are limited to one non-volunteering adult. If you are a volunteer with a larger crew of non-volunteers, please reserve a place in the Field.

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