A Jamboree For All Ages

Arts and crafts in Kidsville from 12-4 Thursday, Friday and Saturday 

Story telling from 11am-12 Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Sing-Along for ages 1-5 w/e Amber Darland  10:15-11am Friday and Saturday.

Kids Parade 3pm


Arts and crafts will include: 

-tie dye masks and flags 

-henna stencil tattoos 

-collaborative fabric weaving project 

-nail polish station 

-paper crafts/origami 

-lantern and rattle making 

-sewing crafts 



Masks will be required for ages 3-11 in Kidsville



Tin Can Telephone Tutorial

Test out how long you can make the string of your Tin Can Telephone
and still be able to hear the person on the other end!
Don't forget, it won't work if the string isn't taut!

Coloring Pages


Download these coloring pages to print for your kiddos (or yourself)

Don't forget to snap a pic of the finished piece for us to see!

Please email photos of your artwork to Jodie@stringbandjamboree.com!

Poster Coloring Page Print File Art by Mark Brinn 2.25 MB
SSJ Guitar Print File Art by Jackie Webley 932 KB

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