Meet the Musicians

Robert Sarazin Blake

In 1997, Robert Sarazin Blake dropped out of college and hit the road. The folk music of his father’s house had combined with the DIY punk ethos of the day and produced his first album, ‘Another Irrelevant Year.’ For two decades, Blake toured across the US, Canada, Ireland, Germany, and beyond performing concerts to small groups of people in small rooms. 

In 2017, Blake released his 11th album ‘Recitative,’ which earned an A- from The Dean of American Rock Critics, Robert Christgau, who writes, “Chants that riff on the titles WORK, COUPLES, and SINGLE WOMEN are as instantly indelible as the Springsteen, Weill, Reed, and Van Morrison lifts woven in.”

Blake’s latest release, ‘Ukrainian Phone Call,’ features Canada’s beat-boxing harmonica poet, C.R. Avery, who drives the band into discord as Blake sings the news of presidential corruption.


Robert & the Bandana Band will be opening the festivities
at 5pm on Friday, August 7th

Tango Cowboys

featuring Matt Eakle

The Tango Cowboys are a duo that performs fun-loving music from America (North and South), specializing in vocal tangos and cowboy songs from the 1930s and 1940s and beyond. They tell stories of their songs directly to the audience,  inviting them to journey from the open range of the wild west and the small cafe in Buenos Aires. In January the Tango Cowboys released their first CD and presented three workshops and a showcase performance at the Bellingham Folk Festival.

Matt Eakle and his flute have been blowing crowds out of their chairs and onto their feet since 1989 as the first wind player to share the front line with David Grisman in the David Grisman Quintet. He’s featured on 14 Acoustic Disc CDs with the DGQ, Jerry Garcia, Enrique Coria, and as the leader of his own jazz trio on the CD, Flute Jazz. On these and hundreds of other recordings, Matt takes people’s preconceived notions of what a flute can do and blows them inside out.


They'll be playing at 7:45pm on Friday, August 7th


Cumulus is the songwriting project of Alexandra Niedzialkowski. Growing up, Niedzialkowski was obsessed with the 90s singer songwriter, tracing her fingers over the liner notes of Jewel and Sheryl Crow records. She later worshiped at the altar of Third Eye Blind, The Wallflowers, the Gin Blossoms, and Everclear, introducing her early on to the addictive high of a catchy hook. As a teenager, Niedzialkowski came up through the Northwest DIY community, finding influence in the sounds of Mount Eerie, Karl Blau, Mirah, Laura Veirs, Pedro the Lion, Damien Jurado, Nada Surf, Telekinesis, and Death Cab for Cutie. 

In 2013 Cumulus released their debut album "I Never Meant it To Be Like This" on Trans Records. SPIN called their debut "an elegant, understated work of deftly flickering guitar pop." In 2018, NPR premiered their single "Retreat" and Cumulus released a 2nd album, "Comfort World" on Trans Records.

Currently Alexandra Niedzialkowski lives in Bellingham, Washington and is in the process of writing a 3rd full length record. The live Cumulus band is Alexandra, William Cremin, Stanley Kim, Tom Fitzgibbon, and Sebastien Deramat. 


They're playing at 6:30pm on Friday, August 7th

Hot Damn Scandal

Hot Damn Scandal finds its songs under park benches and in forgotten alleyways. The resulting outlaw ballads, dirty jazz, circus freakouts, shanty-rags, string band funk, lonesome heart-breakers, and whiskey bottle love songs blend together in a sweet song syrup somewhere between a ramble and a roar. Sometimes called ‘Northwest Devil Swing’, Hot Damn Scandal pulls no punches and and puts thunder in your molasses.

The Jamboree has been honored to have Hot Damn Scandal back year after year and we're excited to see what they bring us this time around.  They're known for their hauntingly beautiful apocalypse songs and we hear they've written a brand new one!


They're playing at 9:15pm on Friday, August 7th

The Best Intentions

The Best Intentions are Ani Banani and Pete Irving
playing a repertoire that encompasses jazz standards, old blues, contemporary diamonds in the rough, and a surprising amount of classic-sounding original music.

The duo are working hard to put out their debut album,
Maybe It's Nothing. Follow them on Patreon, FB, or Insta for updates on the release date!


They will be playing at 6pm
on Friday, August 7th
at the Kitchen Table Campfire

Karen Kunkel

Musician, vocalist, theater artist, creative collaborator, traveler, wanderer, sailor, friend. . .

Based around the waters of Puget Sound, yet seen floating and singing and arting it up all across the States, from Bellingham, WA to Brooklyn, NYC and Beyond.

She wishes you love, peace, and laughter.

All at once,
All together
Do it


She will be playing at 7:15 and 8:45pm
on Friday, August 7th
at the Kitchen Table Campfire

Devin Champlin

Devin is a musician and luthier living in Bellingham, WA. He plays in a few bands including the Sons Of Rainier, and the Crow Quill Night Owls. Occasionally he unleashes a paper bagged album of solo ramblings.

Check out his luthier shop


He'll be playing at Noon on Saturday, August 8th

Meg Yates & the Kindred

Meghan has been singing and writing songs for a very long time, but her career started in 2002 in Portland, ME -- walking past a local club on Congress street, apparently humming loud enough for the club owner to run out, grab her by the arm and ask her to sing right there on the spot for his guests. Stunned and unprepared, she sang an a capella tune she had finished writing earlier that day. The club owner asked if she would be willing to play a real set sometime, so she returned about a month later and sang all of the a capella tunes she could fit into thirty minutes. Eventually, she picked up the guitar and through the support of the local scene in a small port city in Maine, Meghan developed a distinctive guitar playing, songwriting style and performance that captures and often stuns her audiences. She recorded a few solo albums and a couple full band albums with the Reverie Machine.

2019 ushered in the era of the Kindred. The Kindred consists of Meg on vocals and guitar, Charley McCoy on guitar, vocals and sometimes bass, and Meisha Blackthorn on vocals.

Whether solo or with other players, the music created often uplifts, penetrates and inspires the listener.


They will be playing at 4:30pm on Saturday, August 8th

Sweater Weather String Band

Sweater Weather String Band play an energetic blend of old-time, western swing and Celtic styles, with a sound that has been compared to "the frolicking of sheep before a thunderstorm." 

They formed at the 2018 Subdued Stringboard Jamboree, when Joey (fiddle) and Will (guitar and vox), already playing as a duo, started jamming with Richard (banjo) and Adam (percussion). They quickly picked up momentum, along with Collin (mandolin) and Colin (bass), and have spent the last year playing everything from house shows to boat shows to bars to square dances to folk fests to raves, all around the Salish Sea.


They'll be playing at 3:00pm on Saturday, August 8th

The Sweet Goodbyes

Amber Darland and Lisa Harmon have been performing individually throughout the Pacific Northwest for many years. In the spring of 2015, the two Bellingham based singer-songwriters discovered a kindred voice in each other and decided to launch the folk duo, The Sweet Goodbyes. This collaboration has revealed strength beyond the sum of its parts. With intricate melodies, weaving harmonies and lyrics that are both political and deeply personal, The Sweet Goodbyes offer their audiences a chance to witness something rare. Amber Darland and Lisa Harmon wear their hearts on their sleeves and together their voices blend flawlessly. You can't help but feel good when you watch this duo perform live. The Sweet Goodbyes are full of charm and talent - sure to prick the ears and put a shiver up the spine.


They'll be playing at 1:30pm on Saturday, August 8th

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