Meet the Musicians

Alpha Yaya Diallo

Guitarist and singer Alpha Yaya Diallo, from Guinea in West Africa, is one of the hottest acts on the world music scene. Now based in Canada, he’s earned a matchless reputation for the excellence of his musicianship and the excitement of his live shows

Peter Rowan

Peter Rowan has been performing since 1963, and today he is still making waves in the music world. Not one to pigeonhole himself into any particular genre, Peter is considered a renaissance musician. A solo Peter Rowan performance is one for the true music lover. An audience that loves the magic of beautiful melody paired with thoughtful, original songs and insightful storytelling will be captivated by Peter's performance.

Petunia & the Vipers

Bellingham, and the Jamboree, has known and loved Petunia and his band of Vipers for a good while now. They are a new and modern band playing unadulterated, unclassified, unleashed sounds that rhyme with older sounds of the past, and are furiously driving the future wave of a new idiom. Not to mention they're really fun to dance to.

The Sons of Rainier

The Sons of Rainier make the kind of music to fall in love to. Devin Champlin, Dean Johnson, Sam Gelband, and Charlie Meyer come together to bring joy to all who hear their harmonies and sweet guitar licks.

Caitlin Jemma & the Goodness

Caitlin Jemma's music draws inspiration from desert landscapes — inviting listeners into the depths of a raw, beautiful, and expansive human experience. Her songs take listeners on an atmospheric journey from heartbreak to hope, especially with her latest creations inspired by death, heartbreak, transformation, and true love. Her vulnerable-yet-spirited songs explore the full emotional spectrum of being human, while posing an age-old philosophical question: “What is the true meaning of life?

Kitty & the Rooster

Kitty & The Rooster is a surf rock n’ roll duo from Vancouver featuring Jodie Ponto on the stand-up cocktail drumkit and Noah Walker on electric guitar. They are known for their big sound, laugh out loud lyrics, and ridiculously fun show

Caleb Klauder & Reeb Willms

Caleb & Reeb create a timeless sound capturing the essence of American roots music.

Fog Holler

Innovation meets tradition in bluegrass band Fog Holler. Based in Portland, Oregon, the band features keening brother duo harmonies, rollicking banjo, sassy guitar, bowed bass, and ripping fiddle.

Linda Allen

Bellingham Folksinger & Songwriter, Song Collector and keeper of the flame of songs of social importance.

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